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Our Counseling Packages are Guided by Our 4-Pillars Methodology, Combined with Other Research Based Concepts, Including Your Individual Personality Types.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You've been searching for relationship help but don't know who to trust. You've sought therapy or counseling in the past but you left only feeling more frustrated. You want to work with a counselor that can speak to the heart of your issues. You want REAL solutions to your REAL problems.

Here's what coaching with kenyon and taccara looks like

Using our 4-Pillars Methodology, we provide a guided approach to helping you build or rebuild your marriage. These 4-Pillars are Safety, Security, Trust and Empathy. After our first session, we provide an individualized plan to get your marriage on track.

After each session, we provide you with a “debrief” document that outlines the areas that we will focus on during our time together. You’ll also receive ACTION ITEMS to help you work on your marriage between sessions in the document and any progress you are making.

We incorporate personality assessments, games and tools in order to help you learn or rediscover elements of your spouse that may be prohibiting you from seeing the depths of them and their needs.

What are 4-Pillars?

We define marriage pillars as the upright, load-bearing structures that are designed to support the weight of your relationship. These pillars protect the relationship so that it is unmoved or unshaken by outside conditions. Without these pillars, the roof falls in, the
foundation cracks, and the veil of your marriage is ripped from top to bottom.​

Coaching with us is for you if...

  • You're coming prepared to do the necessary work ON YOU to fix your marriage.
  • You're committed to doing whatever it takes to repair any areas in your marriage that are harming you or your spouse.
  • You're comfortable working with us in a virtual setting over the computer.
  • Both you and your spouse are WILLING participants in the coaching process.

We are not for you if...

  • If either one of you are not FULLY interested in the process OR either of you have both already given up on the marriage.
  • You believe that only your spouse needs help and you have no part to play in the restoration of your marriage.
  • You are ACTIVELY engaging in an extra-marital affair and not willing to stop while you work on your marriage.
  • You require help that should be supervised by a mental health professional that is not currently under control (ie. psychosis, depression, substance abuse).

Purchase Our 3-Session Package and receive bonuses!

Here's what you'll get

  • 20% Discount off of our single session pricing.
  • An eBook Copy of our book, Covered that will help you jumpstart your marriage healing.
  • 4-Video sessions that walk you through the 4-Pillars (Safety, Security, Trust and Empathy)
  • 1-Audio download that explains what it looks like to REPAIR broken pillars when they have been broken. Perfect for couples trying to heal after infidelity or similar breaches in the marriage.

Over $75 worth of bonuses

Purchase 3-Session Package

Receive 3-virtual coaching sessions that include all of the bonuses above for $237.

purchase 1-session only

Receive a one-time, 1hr video coaching session with us for $110. After our session, you will still receive your "debrief" that will include recommendations.

Purchase a Chat Coaching Session

Not sure you want to commit to a video coaching session yet? Chat-Cafe is an affordable chatroom coaching experience for $25. designed to focus on your most immediate question or concern.

“It was AMAZING at how much of a difference the Martins made with us in such a SHORT period of time! From the book, to their guidance each session, to the debrief! We didn’t just get help, we got a personalized instruction manual to help us long after counseling was done with them!”
– D&L Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

This can be good for couples that are separated as long as both parties are committed to doing the work to rebuild their marriage.

We do offer pre-marital counseling using a blend of our 4-Pillars Methodology and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts). We recommend booking the 3-session package to start. 

YES! Our 4-Pillars Methodologyis uniquely designed to address the trauma of infidelity and get you on a path to healing. We recommend booking the first session ASAP to stabilize your situation.

No. The package only includes eBooks. If you want the physical books, you can order them from amazon or Shop.AskTheMartins.com.

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