Why She’ll Get Fed Up And You’ll Never See It Coming Pt 2

On This Episode of The Soul-Ties Podcast, We answer a letter from a man who sent us a DESPERATE DM begging us to help him save his relationship after she just up and decided to leave out of now where! On Part ONE, We’re breaking down 7 of the main reasons why MOST women get fed up and how their men NEVER SEE IT COMING! Stay Tuned for PART TWO Later this week! Have a burning question that you’d like answered on the podcast? Send us a DM on Instagram @AskTheMartins! If You want More Private and Personal Help From Kenyon and Taccara, We Have That For You at TheHealthyLoveClub.com! Visit TODAY for More Info!
  1. Why She'll Get Fed Up, And You'll Never See It Coming (Part 2)
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