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It’s vital that you understand and agree to our policies, procedures, as well as our limitations. 
Please review the below Informed Consent.  Without your agreement, we cannot move forward with you as a client.

Informed Consent for coaching/counseling services

Welcome to Martin Solutions.  We Thank you for considering us at this stage in your life.  

 Within this document you will find all of our policies and procedures as it pertains to coaching and counseling services. Before we are able to administer any services to you, you must read the below information and acknowledge that you understand by providing your electronic signature below.  Your signature or electronic signature, will represent an agreement between us.  [Note: Your electronic signature is provided by check marking “I Agree” and clicking the “I Agree” button. ]

Counseling/Coaching Services:

We DO NOT provide psychotherapy or clinical services. We are not Licensed Clinicians.  We do not and will not provide diagnosis, treat nor provide therapy for any mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Nothing that we discuss or do is psychotherapeutic. If we sense that you have an issue beyond our scope of performance, we will ask you to consider other counseling or coaching accommodations.

We are Faith Based Non-Clinical Counselors/Coaches. This means that our practice is informed by our Christian principles, but not exclusive to Christians. We believe that all deserve an opportunity to obtain the peace of Christ during their time of need.  However, while we are informed by our Christian principles, we are pragmatic in our approach. You are human with human needs and our goal is to help you address them no matter who you are.

As Non-Clinical Counselors/Coaches we do not do deep dives into your past.  Our goal is to identify and confront the current emerging and most immediate issue. There are times when those issues cross over to past incidences and situations. They will be addressed but only to the degree that we can address them without diagnosis or psychotherapy. The goal is to help you through the current concern and equip you for future similar concerns in a pragmatic way that offers lasting results.  

The Counselors/Coaches are equipped to serve you with accredited degrees and certifications including but not limited to: 

  • Christian Counseling, 
  • Healthy Sexuality, 
  • Marriage & Pre-marriage
  • Personality Type Instrumentation
  • Marketing and Business

The Counselors/Coaches Lists of Specialties and Focuses include but are not limited to

  • Individual Personal Growth and Development
  • Healthy Dating
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Marriage Enhancement
  • Marital Healing
  • Break-ups and Divorces
  • Breaking Soul-Ties
  • Individual Entrepreneurial Marketing and Guidance

We are committed to helping our clients through whatever difficulty they personally face within themselves or from others. We provide guidance and counseling for you with a solutions-based approach. Solutions are intuitive answers that lead to change. Small changes lead to big changes. Whatever your issue is, your answer will be found in change.  We will guide you to that. 

Counseling/Coaching may often involve confronting unpleasant truths. You may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness.  This is to be expected as you’re stretched forward to your goal. There are benefits for those who allow us to coach them in facing these truths and uncomfortable circumstances. Better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and obtaining a sense of peace, are among those possible benefits.  

With that said, there are no guarantees as to what you will experience. There are no silver bullets, magic pills or altar call miracles here. There’s just work. Your experience will inevitably depend upon your willingness to work and your commitment to moving forward. Moving forward creates forward momentum.  Your commitment and forward momentum will be what carries you beyond your present circumstance.  


We only serve 21yrs old and above

We expect each Individual client (You), to participate in their own rescue. Whatever issue ails the individual, the Client must be willing to do the work.  Individuals may be challenged to grow, shift perspectives, be uncomfortable and face some much-needed personal change. It may not be easy, but Individual Clients are expected to commit to resolution.  

We have Three Stipulations that an Individual MUST agree to for every session, before being accepted as a Client:

  1. The Individual MUST want Counseling for Themselves.
  2. The Individual MUST be willing to Change for Themselves
  3. The Individual MUST be Committed to Results for Themselves.

Couples Expectations
Couples in conflict will be challenged to demonstrate understanding, kindness and patience with their spouse. Couples will be expected to embrace actions that may be contrary to how they feel. Couples will be required to empathize with their spouse with a personal concern and consideration for their spouse’s needs. It is expected that Couples (both) love themselves and their spouse (as themselves) enough to save, salvage and surrender to their marital relationship. Couples MUST commit to resolution. 

We have Four Stipulations that a Couple MUST agree to for every session, before being accepted as a Client:

  1. Both in the Couple MUST agree to Counseling.
  2. Both in the Couple MUST want Each Other.
  3. Both in the Couple MUST be willing to Change.
  4. Both in the Couple MUST be committed to Results. 

    SERVICE PROGRAMS & FEE SCHEDULE (Note: each session is 1hr unless otherwise stated)


Before we begin you will need to 

  • Complete Mandatory Online Questionnaire
  • Agree to this Informed Consent
  • Complete any assigned evaluations
  • Schedule first Session
  • Complete Payment for first scheduled Session


Each session is limited to 1 hour, with a 3-session minimum. Typically the first three sessions go as follows: Evaluation and discovery will be in session 1, but should not exceed session 2. The goal is to pin down the immediate emerging concern.  All subsequent sessions will be conducted focusing on that immediate concern. Couples evaluation and discovery may be extended to 3rd or 4th session, due to included individual interviews when needed. 

Chat Sessions:

Each chat session is a self-contained 1 hour session.  This session is aggressive in that it includes discovery, address and resolution attempt within this 1 hour time span. If resolution is not reached within that 1 session, another 1 hour session may be purchased for a continuance, however that too will be considered a self-contained 1 hour session. 

Materials and Assessments:

At any point from pre-session to during sessions, we may suggest additional materials and/or assessments. The client can opt out of using suggested material and/or assessment, however consider that rejecting them may hamper insight and further discovery that could be of some use to the client. 

Current useful materials are but not limited to:

  • The Soul-Ties Detox: Journey to Freedom Book
  • Covered: The 4 Essential Pillars that Will Safeguard, Support and Restore Your Marriage Book
  • Books and Materials from other Authors (i.e. 5 Love Languages, Love and Respect…)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment
  • Yada Personal Road Map and Assessment
  • SYMBIS Pre-Marital/Marital Assessment
  • Gottman Institute Assessment

Payment Procedures:

Our services ARE NOT covered by Insurance.

Currently We have two Types of Sessions:

  • Telephonic/Virtual Sessions 
  • Chat-Cafe Chat Room Sessions 

All services MUST be paid for prior to scheduled session.  

Session Fees: We charge per Session. We DO NOT charge per Hour. Each session can be held up to an Hour but will not be scheduled for no more than an Hour unless otherwise instructed.  All charges are Non-refundable.

  • Chat Sessions: $25 per Session
  • Telephonic/Virtual Sessions: $85 per Session 

Material Fees:  At any point from pre-session to during sessions, we may suggest additional materials and assessments. These materials and assessments do have additional fees. Those fees will be told to the client at the time that the material or assessment is assigned. The materials or assessments will not be distributed to the client until we have received the payment for that fee.

Payments are accepted by cash, credit, cash app, PayPal or debit…No Checks nor ACH payments.

All payments are final and there are no refunds.

There are no refunds for missed appointments or rescheduling appointments. The Client will be afforded one opportunity to reschedule a missed appointment.  If the rescheduled appointment is missed, services will be discontinued. If any appointments are missed services will be discontinued.

We the Counselors reserve the rights to waive any charges for sessions or materials. 

Cancellations If the client requests to cancel their appointment after a session has already been booked and blocked off on our calendar, there will be no refunds for canceled sessions. 


It is our full ethical intent to keep the Client’s shared information Confidential.  There are limits to the control of this confidentiality if sessions are not conducted in person. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if sessions are conducted via phone, mobile device, audio/visual app (e.g. zoom, face-time, skype, etc.) or otherwise via the online internet. Clients should use their own discretion when utilizing these options. 

Mutual Non-Disclosure:

We the Counselors and you the Clients mutually recognize that there is a potential that we may discuss your future plans, business affairs, financial information, job information, goals, personal information and private information. We will not voluntarily communicate your information to a third party. In order to honor and protect Our intellectual properties You expressly agree not to disclose or communicate any proprietary information about Our practice, materials or methods to any third parties. The Counselors (We) and the Clients (You) agree to be bound by this mutual non-disclosure agreement during and after the termination of the Counseling relationship. 


Counselor may terminate Counselor Client relationship at any time during Service Program for any reason, providing the notice of Termination by any communicated means, prior to the next scheduled or unscheduled session.  This is generally done when we see that the client is not participating, or we see that we can be of no further assistance. There are no refunds for Counselor termination before already scheduled sessions or during sessions.  If the client continues to purchase sessions, after termination, those funds will be returned to the client at our discretion. 


The Client understands that this agreement is for Non-Clinical Counseling, NOT Psychotherapy. Kenyon and Taccara are Not Clinical Counselors and are only working within the capacities of Christian Counselors/Coaches and will not be held liable for discrepancies. The Counselors will not address, treat or diagnose mental health and psychological disorders. For Mental Health and psychological disorders, seek attention from a Physician or Licensed Mental Health Professional in your area.

By Signing this agreement You Agree that you understand the difference between the services that the Counselors provide and the services that Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Physicians provide and that You, our client, will get appropriate professional help for mental health issues from one who provides those services, if necessary. 

Dispute Resolution: 

It is agreed between you, your assigns, family and estate and us the Counselors that any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, or the breach of this agreement shall be settled by arbitration by an accredited individual or organization with an arbitrator agreed to by we the Counselors and within the state of our, the Counselors’ practice. And the arbitration may occur by telephone.

Contact Outside of Sessions:

All Contact from the Client for service outside of Sessions is prohibited. No emails, no texts, no phone calls, no messenger, no social media, etc. nor any other contact pertaining to sessions is acceptable outside of sessions. We reserve the right to respond or allow limited contact, but understand that due to hours of operations, other clients, work schedules and private lives that often we cannot respond. With that in mind, in case of emergency immediately call your local or designated medical, law enforcement or rescue professionals immediately or dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, keep note until next paid session.

Your Electronic Signature Below Indicates You as the Client(s), acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all of the information contained within this Client Informed Consent Agreement. By signing, you as the Client(s) expressly state your assent to the terms of this Client Informed Consent Agreement and declare that you will abide by its terms during and after our professional Counseling relationship. 

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