getting over a narcissist ex

The Accidental Side Chick

On this week’s episode, we discuss a reoccurring dilemma where women become the “other woman” or “side chick” to no fault of their own. All they did was gave their heart to someone who promised the same in return. We will also provide 7-Key signs that you MAY be dealing with someone who has some “side dealings” with someone else. be sure to leave your voice comments or questions below!

Counseling Couples Through Infidelity

INFIDELITY, is destructive to a home. To save that home, both parties will need to face the damage that has been done, assess it, address it and then begin to make amends for it. On this episode of the Soul-Cast podcast, Kenyon and Taccara break down what Infidelity does to a relationship and the KEY steps needed in order to move forward Effectively.

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