Month: October 2017

Help! I’m In Love But He’s Not Ready

On this week’s episode, we answer a questions from 2 explosive letters that we’ve received from our viewer audience. BOTH ladies are in love with men who have been hurt by their past and are not yet ready for a relationship.

Supporting Your Husband During Difficult Times

As relationship counselors and guides, we have a strong focus on helping people heal from toxic relationships while helping others avoid toxicity within their current relationship. On this week’s episode, we answer a question that we received that we believe will help thousands of couples avoid patterns and behaviors that lead to toxicity.   

getting over a narcissist ex

The Accidental Side Chick

On this week’s episode, we discuss a reoccurring dilemma where women become the “other woman” or “side chick” to no fault of their own. All they did was gave their heart to someone who promised the same in return. We will also provide 7-Key signs that you MAY be dealing with someone who has some “side dealings” with someone else. be sure to leave your voice comments or questions below!

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