Month: September 2017

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

Shared  and Co-parenting is HARD, especially in the beginning after the fall out of the break-up or divorce. Native to the environment of shared parenting is the continuous presence of two adults at odds with each other.  There is a mental and emotional defensive mode that is turned on, while trying to accommodate the shared child(ren)’s need for both parents.  In addition there is residual hurt, anger, resentment and the need for healing that must also be addressed.  All of that is wrapped in an anxiety equivalent to the feeling of walking into a lion’s cage every time you’re around the Ex. This anxiety gets even worse when the animal in the cage is a Narcissist.

Even If You Stay, You Still Must Heal and You Must Be Whole

Divorce is not something that we take lightly or suggest, as a matter of factly. It has great ramifications that can and will stick with you for a while. So we don’t like them, but we do understand their utility. In an effort to not repeat what we say in the book, we’ll just say that, while we, just like Christ, hate divorce; just like Christ we also understand that the function of divorce is safety, survival, and ultimately, healing and thriving.

Counseling Couples Through Infidelity

INFIDELITY, is destructive to a home. To save that home, both parties will need to face the damage that has been done, assess it, address it and then begin to make amends for it. On this episode of the Soul-Cast podcast, Kenyon and Taccara break down what Infidelity does to a relationship and the KEY steps needed in order to move forward Effectively.

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